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Preparatory Mathematics (BIE-PKM)


This page contains links to course material and information about the structure of the course.

About the course

The purpose of Preparatory Mathematics is to help students prepare for first-year mathematical courses at FIT, in particular for Discrete Mathematics and Logic, Linear Algebra 1, and Mathematical Analysis 1 (KOS codes BIE-DML.21, BIE-LA1.21, and BIE-MA1.21, respectively).

This course mainly concentrates on

  • revision of the most important topics of high-school maths,
  • explanation of these topics in a way similar to how maths is taught at university,
  • definition and demonstration of mathematical notation which will be used later on.

You cannot take this course if you have already completed BIE-ZMA or BIE-MA1. Also, BIE-PKM will not be recognised from previous study.


The course material consists of a textbook and separate lessons in the MARAST system.

The textbook is available in PDF version or HTML version.

The MARAST lessons are organized by the topics they cover. Each lesson consists of

  • short videos which explain in more detail various aspects of the covered topics,
  • practise exercises,
  • on-line quizzes.

The textbook and the videos are not equivalent but complementary, in the sense that it is not enough to read only the lecture notes or to watch only the videos, but both should be used for a complete mastery of the subject.

Course assessment

If you successfully complete BIE-PKM you will make assessment and get 4 credits which will count towards the first semester (you need to get at least 15 credits in the winter semester to be able to continue into the summer semester!). You will complete BIE-PKM only if

  • you have not passed BIE-MA1 or BIE-ZMA yet (and you do not plan to ask for recognition of BIE-MA1 or BIE-ZMA),
  • you pass all on-line quizzes in MARAST before Sunday 15 October 2023, and
  • you pass the final course test (see the Final Test section below).

If you pass you will gain 4 credits.

Quiz rules

Warning: All quizzes as well as quiz titles are in English! Quiz titles are of the form Quiz X: Name (BIE-PKM). Do not answer quizzes with Czech questions!

There are 9 quizzes in the MARAST system. They are already open and you can work on them continually until the deadline on 15 October 23:59 (so you don´t need to worry that once you start a quiz it will automatically close after some period of time). The quiz rules are as follows:

  • you will always see one multichoice question,
  • any number of choices may be correct,
  • if your answer is completely correct you will gain two points and another question will show,
  • if you make three correct choises you will gain one point,
  • if you make at least two incorrect choices you will lose one point (and another question will follow),
  • if your answer is incorrect the quiz will be blocked for five minutes,
  • if you answer incorrectly twice in a row the quiz will be blocked for ten minutes.

You will never get a correctly answered question again. You must get 10 points to complete each quiz. You should make sure that you do not fail a quiz by making too many incorrect answers.

  • choose the option to Google log in,
  • create a new account using your gmail address (or another email address),
  • always use the same email address for all quizzes so that your results can be correctly identified.

Final Test

If you have completed all MARAST quizzes then you are eligible for the final test.

You will take the final test in presence. The test will take place in week 4 or week 5 of the semester (exact date will be specified later).

The test will consist of 5 multichoice questions and 5 open questions. The multichoice questions will be similar to the questions in quizzes. In the open questions, you will be expected to find the correct answer but also provide a correct solution and explain your steps. Each answer will get you zero, one or two points.

To pass the test you need to gain at least 10 points.

Questions and error reports

If you have any questions to study materials and/or quizzes, please email Jitka Rybníčková.

This course was created by Antonella Marchesiello and Jitka Rybníčková based on the BI-PKM course authored by Tomáš Kalvoda.