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The Lectures schedule in 2023/2024 doesn’t strictly follow the odd / event schedule. Please always refer to Lectures for the up-to-date schedule.

NIE-BLO Blockchain Course

Students will understand the foundations of blockchain technology, smart contract programming, smart contracts auditing and will gain an overview of most notable blockchain platforms. They will be able to design, code, audit and deploy a secure decentralized application, and assess whether integration of a blockchain is suitable for a given problem. The course places an increased emphasis on the relationship between blockchains and information security. It is concluded with a defense of a research or applied semester project, which prepares the students for implementing or supervising implementation of blockchain-based solutions in both academia and business.

Tech stack

Bitcoin architecture, Ethereum architecture. Solidity, Remix IDE, Brownie, Slither, Echidna.

Semester project

The semester concludes a project of two stages - implementation and security assessment. Each student implements a smart contract on given assigment and then the code is switched with other student who performs a security audit.

Security assessment

The goal is to perform a security audit over codebase of your colleague (over the Github repo you have beed invited to). Use the latest commit before the deadline (EOD December 1). Regarding the structure and content, you can get inspired by the following report: Brahma. Delivery is the first revision of the audit (we might do a fix-review after for extra points).

  1. Describe the System Overview
  2. Describe the Trust Model
  3. Describe your methodology
  4. Perform tool-based analysis
  5. Perform local deployment
  6. Perform manual code review
  7. Write fuzz tests
  8. Describe your findings
  9. Write executive summary


  1. 40 points - Implementation
  2. 40 points - Security assesment
  3. 10 points - CTF bonus task


  1. Implementation - December 1, 2023
  2. Security assesment - January 2, 2024


The course is teached by internal professors at CTU and external industry experts.

prof. Ing. Róbert Lórencz, CSc.supervisorCTU FIT
Marek Bieliklecturer + tutorCTU FIT
Josef Gattermayer, Ph.D.lecturer + tutorCTU FIT / Ackee Blockchain
Jakub Růžičkalecturer + tutorTwisto