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Classification consists of points gained during the semester and poins gained at the exam. The exam is mandatory and 0 poins from exam result in a failure (even if there are enough semester points).


  • 80% Semester points
  • 20% Exam


Oral discussion over topic covered during the semester.

GradePointsEvaluation in words
A90 and moreexcellent
B80 to 89very good
C70 to 79good
D60 to 69satisfactory
E50 to 59sufficient
Fless than 50failed

The evaluation is governed by the Study and Examination Rules for Students at CTU, which you can find on page Legislation and Study Regulations.

Exam Topics

Each student will be given one question from the following list:

NumberQuestionLecture / Tutorial
1Describe a Bitcoin blockL1,2 - Bitcoin
2Describe Ethereum blockchain and its propertiesT2 - Ethereum Tooling
3What is EVM and what it doesT4 - Solidity I.
4Describe reentrancy attack on EthereumT8 - Security I.
5Name a good and a bad use case for blockchain, whyL5,6 - Systems design, hands-on development
6Ethereum security tooling - what is a static analyser, fuzzer, describeT9 - Security II.
7Describe the process that changes state of Ethereum blockchain (transactions, mining)T3 - Ethereum Tooling II.
8Describe the process that reads from Ethereum blockchain (RPC calls).T3 - Ethereum Tooling II.
9Describe ERC-20 token standardT4 - Solidity I.
10Structure of security audit report - what should be included and whySemestral work