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TopicLecturerStudy & Teaching Materials
Lec 1 & 2Bitcoin

Bitcoin Handout, Bitcoin Slides

The Bitcoin handout is the recommended study material for the first two lectures. The slides are supplementary.

Lec 3-4Cryptocurrencies & major blockchain platformsDigital currencies (why do they exist), Most popular cryptocurrencies & blockchain platforms (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Avalanche, etc.) , Smart contracts, Decentralized applications, Economy of decentralized application, Cryptocurrency trading, largest exchanges, ICOs, Governance, Current blockchain technology maturity, limitations and future development.
Lec 5-6Systems design, hands-on developmentJakub Růžička


The "System Design and Hands-On Development" lecture features an interactive discussion on when blockchain is a good or bad fit, demonstrated on widely used products and services. It covers design decisions around architecture of blockchain-based software, most used tools, programming languages (incl. platform-specific ones) and high-level libraries. It also includes code walkthroughs / explanations of simple scripts. The two follow up labs give a short introduction to system design and practical security (a bridge to the next lecture) and let students practice their skills on mock projects, under the guidance of the course lecturers. They are concluded with presentations of the created design docs to the whole study group.

Lec 7-8Smart contracts securityJosef Gattermayer

Smart contracts security

Most notable hacks (The DAO hack, Parity hack, Poly Network, GSN vulnerability), attack vectors, threat modelling, platform governance, best practices.

Lec 9-10Case StudiesDušan KovačičFinance, Enterprise networks, Legal (smart contracts, ownership and property rights, insurance etc.), Public service (digital identity, voting, certificates etc.), Other use-cases - supply chain, healthcare, IoT, lotteries, DNS etc., Startup case studies (e.g. https://builtin.com/blockchain/blockchain-applications, Loyyal, Nexxo, Brave, Binance etc.), Corporate case studies (Spotify, PayPal, Siemens, DHL, IBM, E&Y, Deloitte, Accenture etc.), Countries case studies (e.g. Estonia, Switzerland, Malta, Singapore, China, Australia), Most notable blockchain apps (Uniswap, Compound, Aave, etc.)
Lec 11-12ReserveGuest speakerTba