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DateTutorialTopicTutorStudy & Teaching Materials
29.9.2023Děkanský den
6.10.2023Tutorial 1BitcoinMarek BielikThe Bitcoin handout is the recommended study material for the first two lectures. The slides are supplementary.
13.10.2023Tutorial 2Ethereum ToolingJosef Gattermayer, Ph.D.Introduction to tooling and wallets setup.
20.10.2023Tutorial 3Ethereum Tooling II.Josef Gattermayer, Ph.D.Working with Testnet, Tools for Solidity, Wake. Presentation.
27.10.2023Tutorial 4SolidityŠtěpán Šonský, Andrey BabushkinIntroduction to Solidity. Date types and structures. Presentation.
3.11.2023Tutorial 5Solidity II.Štěpán Šonský, Andrey BabushkinIntroduction to Solidity, final task assignment.
10.11.2023Tutorial 6System DesignJakub RůžičkaTba
17.11.2023Státní svátek
24.11.2023Tutorial 8SecurityJan Kalivoda, Lukáš BöhmIntroduction to smart security auditing, testing frameworks. 🔐
1.12.2023Tutorial 9Security II.Jan Kalivoda, Lukáš BöhmAdvanced auditing techniques, smart contract fuzzers.
8.12.2023Tutorial 10Wtf is Solana + Security semestral task assignmentAdam HrazdiraAuditing process explained. It’s not just EVM. We will show the basics of Solana blockchain global state machine with Nakamoto Coefficient 31. You will be able to compile a hello world program and understand what it does.
15.12.2023Tutorial 11Security III.Štěpán Šonský (online)Capture the flag (remote lesson).
22.12.2023Tutorial 12Individual + consultationsIndividual work on security audits, only consultations (online)