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State Final Examinations


Registration for SFE is made in the KOS system. If you need an assistance, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Summer semester

SFE registrationuntil 11th May 2023
BT submissionuntil 11th May 2023
Check of completion of the study planuntil 6th June 2023
BSFE19th – 30th June 2023*
BT submission until the end of the semester**until 29th June 2023

*This will be narrowed later.

**In case you don’t apply for SFE in June but you still have to submit your FT this semester.


SFE registrationuntil 4th May 2023
DT submissionuntil 4th May 2023
Check of completion of the study planuntil 30th May 2023
MSFE12th – 16th Jun 2023*
DT submission until the end of the semester**until 29th June 2023

*This will be narrowed later.

**In case you don’t apply for SFE in June but you still have to submit your FT this semester.

Assignment to the SFE Committees

A student will be assigned to an SFE committee if he/she (in the given semester):

  1. submitted an application to SFE in due time,
  2. completed his/her study plan within the schedule of the academic year.

Submitting a Supervisor’s Evaluation and Reviewer’s Report

Both the supervisor and the reviewer fill out the evaluation/report form in ProjectsFIT (this function will be available soon). A copy of the FT together with the evaluation/report must be submitted to the department responsible for the FT defense no later than one week before the scheduled SFE. The student sees the evaluation and the review in ProjectsFIT (he/she has the right to get acquainted with the evaluation and the report at least 5 working days before the FT defense).

After the FT defence, the student receives one FT copy, one is archived at FIT for 10 years. A possibility of making copies of the FT (for the supervisor and/or the reviewer) is arranged individually.


An SFE takes place in one day and it consists of two parts – presentation and defence of the FT and an exam based on SFE topics. The SFE is realized in five steps (in parentheses below, approximate times are indicated):

  1. a written preparation for the exam based on the SFE topics; it takes place in a study room (40 min),
  2. an FT defence (BT 15 min / MT 20 min, including reading of reports and discussion),
  3. an oral exam based on SFE topics (10 min, 2 questions, usually 5 min each),
  4. a committee discussion and
  5. announcement of results (5 min).

Information on the course of SZZ is described in the General Information on the SFE and the Dean’s Directive for the Administration of Final Theses and State Final Examination Art. 5.

Written Preparation


Student comes at least 10 minutes before the written preparation.

Before entering the study room and starting a written preparation, the study supervisor instructs students on the conditions of written preparation. Student will:

  1. put off all personal belongings and coats in a place designated for that purpose,
  2. turn off mobile phones,
  3. prepare writing accessories,
  4. write exclusively on the form containing the task (writing on both sides) or, if that won’t be enough, on the stamped papers available in the room,
  5. consult of possible uncertainties with the study supervisor only,
  6. approach and leave the study room silently so that other students are not disturbed.

The use of any literature or notes or electronic devices is prohibited.

Topic-Based Part of SFE

The student always receives two topics from the topic areas:

  • one is based on SFE topics from compulsory courses
  • the second one is based on SFE topics from the branch of study

A student exam from a thematic area is led by a member of the committee appointed by the chairman. The exam is held mainly as a discussion over the written preparation. Additional questions may be asked by other members of the SFE committee. The student’s written preparation becomes a part of the SFE documentation.

SFE Classification

The final grade of SFE, as well as the grading process applying to the overall study result, is governed by the provisions of the Art. 17 and Art. 18 of Study and Examination Rules for students of CTU. The final grade of the SFE is calculated according to the Dean’s Directive No. 36/2019 for the SFE – Art. 5, Sec.19.

Resit of SFE

If a student fails (either one or both parts of the SFE), he/she is entitled to a resit, which is set up by the Dean of the faculty. The student will resit only that part of the SFE that was graded with F, meaning either defence of the FT or the oral exam in both topics, compulsory and branch.

Completion of the Study Program

The day of SFE (or the day the last part of it was successfully completed) is the day of completion of the study program (see Study and Examination Rules for students of CTU, Art. 34).

Graduation – date of the Graduation ceremony is determined by the schedule of the academic year.


Your presentation is also part of the SFE. That’s why it’s a good idea to come in clean, nice clothes – at least a shirt and corresponding trousers and shoes, ideally a jacket too. Casual clothing (ripped jeans, sweatshirt) is inappropriate, so think about that to make a good impression on the committee right from the start.