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Information Security

topics are valid since SFE in June 2024

BIE-IB.21-1User identity in unix-like operating systems: identity, administrator privileges, sudo, su, PAM modules, roles, privileges, user identity and access rights, ACL, suid programs.BIE-ADU.21
BIE-IB.21-2Disk and file system management (devices, file systems UFS (EXT) and ZFS, RAID, disk quotas), network file systems (NFS, CIFS), swap in unix-like operating systems.BIE-ADU.21
BIE-IB.21-3Processes and system services in unix-like operating systems: hierarchy and relations among them, limits, system startup and shutdown, logging of system activities.BIE-ADU.21
BIE-IB.21-4Computer instruction cycle and instruction pipelining. Microarchitecture of a scalar processor with instruction pipelining, data and control hazards in instruction pipelining and methods to handle them.BIE-APS.21
BIE-IB.21-5Memory hierarchy with cache memory, locality principles, cache memory principles. Architecture of direct-mapped, set associative, and fully associative cache memory.BIE-APS.21
BIE-IB.21-6HW support of virtualization of main memory by paging, Memory Management Unit (MMU) and virtual-to-physical address translation using Translation Lookaside Buffer (TLB), page fault exception handling.BIE-APS.21
BIE-IB.21-7Main security principles. Threat modelling. Methodologies STRIDE, DREAD.BIE-BEK.21
BIE-IB.21-8Desktop application vulnerabilities: Buffer overflow, DLL hijacking, errors in C.BIE-BEK.21
BIE-IB.21-9Access control. Running applications with the least privileges.BIE-BEK.21
BIE-IB.21-10The Injection-type vulnerabilities.BIE-BEK.21
BIE-IB.21-11LAN cyber security. Security vulnerabilities of TCP/IP family protocols. Securing LAN on the network devices level (switches, routers, firewalls). VLAN technology application, securing access ports.BIE-ASB.21
BIE-IB.21-12Cryptographic network protocols, application of Diffie-Hellman algorithm. TLS and SSH protocols.BIE-ASB.21
BIE-IB.21-13Wi-Fi wireless network security. WEP, WPA, WPA2 and WPA3 standards.BIE-ASB.21
BIE-IB.21-14Ethical hacking and penetration testing. The PTES and OWASP penetration testing methodologies.BIE-EHA.21
BIE-IB.21-15Standards for assesing the severity of security vulnerabilities. CVSS standard. Vulnerability databases.BIE-EHA.21
BIE-IB.21-16Common web application vulnerabilities, their testing and remediation. Web browser security.BIE-EHA.21
BIE-IB.21-17The principles of side channel attacks. Types of side channels, time-based attack on array comparisons, attacks using a simple power analysis (SPA) on the RSA cipher.BIE-HWB.21
BIE-IB.21-18Contact and contactless chip cards, their principles and usage. Radiofrequency identification (RFID) and near field communication (NFC).BIE-HWB.21
BIE-IB.21-19True random number generators (TRNG), their construction, main properties. Comparison with pseudorandom generators (PRNG).BIE-HWB.21
BIE-IB.21-20Risk control in cybernetic security, risk management, terminology (vulnerabilities, threats, risks, assets) and related activities (risk analysis, primary assets evaluation, reaction to risks).BIE-UKB.21
BIE-IB.21-21Network security threats, key categories of network attacks, the principles of DoS attacks (examples/techniques). Defense against network attacks in modern networks.BIE-UKB.21
BIE-IB.21-22Security of the cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things, specific threats and specific protections (compared to the traditional IT security). Detection of attacks on cyber-physical systems. Purdue model of the information and communication systems (ICS) and their specific security.BIE-UKB.21
BIE-IB.21-23Digital forensic analysis, basic principles and processes, digital evidence and digital footprint, data acquisition processes.BIE-ZSB.21
BIE-IB.21-24Forensic analysis of file systems, recovery of deleted data.BIE-ZSB.21
BIE-IB.21-25Access control in the operating systems, the general model of access control - Trusted Computing Base, multi-level and multi-lateral models, Discretionary Access Control and Mandatory Access Control, examples of implementation in the OS.BIE-ZSB.21
BIE-IB.21-26Vulnerability management, patch management, terminology and the vulnerability management process.BIE-ZSB.21

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