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Final Thesis


  1. You can browse the offered topics in the system ProjectsFIT.
  2. If you’re interested in a topic, contact the author of the topic oout of the system (via e-mail, Teams, etc.).
  3. In the system, the supervisor creates new assignment and assigns you to it.
  4. The supervisor submits the assignment for approval.
  5. Specialization officer approves the assignment.
  6. You approve the assignment.
  7. The thesis is assigned.

The assignment is always assigned to a specific study. Therefore, if the student finishes the study to which the assignment is linked and starts a new study, the assignment must be listed again and assigned to the student’s current active study.

Assignments can be created by academic staff and PhD students of FIT as internal assignors, or by external assignors (see below). The students can design their own topic, but they must secure assignor by themselves.

Final thesis topic

  • When formulating a final thesis assignment (FTA), attention should be paid to the title and instructions. How such instructions should look is described in the Dean’s Directive for FT and SFE.
  • After approval, the assignor becomes the supervisor of the FT and the student can enroll in BIE-BAP/MIE-DIP/NIE-DIP.
  • The approved FTA becomes the official document "Assignment of final thesis" (see below).

External supervisor of final thesis

The FT can be supervised by an external supervisor. An external collaborator who is not a member of the FIT academic community and wants to become an external proponent of an FT can apply for this role using the FIT portal accessible here. While his/her application is being processed, the person can be asked to provide more information. The external proponent (future FT supervisor) must have at least a master’s degree to supervise a bachelor’s thesis and a doctoral degree to supervise a master’s thesis. After being approved, the external collaborator gets access to the ProjectsFIT and he/she becomes an external proponent. Further procedures are the same both for internal and external proponents.

In addition to a supervisor who has no employment relationship with the CTU, a second supervisor who has an employment relationship with the CTU must be appointed at the same time.

External reviewer of final thesis

If the supervisor is from FIT, the reviewer can be external. Same rules and procedure apply as for an external supervisor, therefore he/she must have at least a master’s degree and must register through FIT portal accessible here. Reviewer’s report must be submitted through the final theses system ProjectsFIT.


The FTA is an obligatory part of the thesis. Student will download it from the ProjectsFIT system according to the manual. Students guarantee that the FTA in the system and in their thesis is the same.

Validity of an FTA

An FTA validity is limited for three following semesters. In exceptional, reasonable cases, the student can ask for prolongation at the office of study.

Change of an FTA

The supervisor can initiate an FTA change request. This request has to be approved by the specialization officer (SO). Currently, the process is following: Supervisor sends the changes to the SO via e-mail, with officer for the SFE in the copy. When the SO approves the change, officer for the SFE can change it in the system.

Annulment of an FTA

  • If the student wants to change the topic and therefore cancel their current FTA they have to fill in a request and send it to the officer for SFE.
  • Annulment of an FTA is not a reason for the cancellation of BIE-BAP/MIE-DIP registration.


Obligatory parts of an FT

  • Final thesis assignment (signed by the dean and the head of department).
  • Abstract and keywords in both English and Czech language.
  • Signed statement declaring that the FT is based upon the student’s independent work and that the sources and references are properly cited and listed – versions of a statement in pdf and docx.
  • Solution to the given problem.
  • Conclusion discussing the reached results.
  • List of references.
  • Table of contents including a list of Appendices.

Extent of the FT

  • Recommended extent for a bachelor thesis is 30-100 of standard pages (excluding table of contents, footnotes, appendices).
  • Recommended extent for a master thesis is 50-150 of standard pages (excluding table of contents, footnotes, appendices).

Formal requirements

  • Use of symbols, definitions prior to their use, inclusion of a table of contents, a list of figures, a list of tables, and a list of used symbols, and – if relevant – an index, properly used references to printed or other sources, standard bibliographic list of reference.
  • The LaTeX and TeX templates are available (and recommended) to support the typesetting process.


The deadline for submission of the FT is given by the time schedule of the academic year of FIT. Submitting process proceeds in these steps:

  1. Export the FTA and insert it to your thesis.
  2. Submit the thesis to ProjectsFIT, including attachments. If for some reason it was not possible to submit all attachments to the application, it is necessary to provide them to the supervisor and opponent in order for the thesis to be graded..

The supervisor and reviewer fill in the evaluation/report no later than 5 days before the defense and hand in the signed evaluation/report with the FT copy at the defense department.

The student is obliged to produce one physical working copy of the thesis (in any binding), which is identical in content to the electronic version of the thesis, and bring it to the defence.

The assessment for submitted work

You should receive credit for the thesis immediately after it is submitted. If you do not receive credit within an hour, inform the SFE officer.

Possibility of the alternative date of FT submission

If the student doesn’t manage to submit his/her FT before the deadline for serious reasons, he/she follows The Study and Examination Rules. The student hands over to the Office of Study (before the deadline):

  1. a written apology with the reason why he/she cannot submit the FT before the standard deadline,
  2. a request to set an alternative deadline, with a comment from the supervisor and the head of department that assigned the FT on a form “…​”

At the first registration of BIE-BAP/MIE-DIP, an alternative deadline for submission will be granted only in exceptional cases because the student can register the subject again.


The defence of the FT is a part of SFE (Bachelor thesis 15 minutes, Diploma thesis 20 minutes) and is composed of the following steps:

  1. A presentation of the background and the results of the FT using a data projector. The student prepares a presentation in electronic form (PDF) on a suitable medium (USB disc is recommended, or CD or DVD discs) or in justified cases on his/her own laptop (that has to be announced in advance to the Officer for SFE). The presentation is limited to 7 minutes for a BT and 12 minutes for a DT.
  2. Presentation of the essential parts of the supervisor’s evaluation and the reviewer’s report an announcement of the grades proposed by the supervisor and the reviewer.
  3. The student answers questions raised by the reviewer and the supervisor if there are any.
  4. A discussion on the FT and its presentation in which the student answers questions and comments of the members of the committee and/or guests.

Classification of the defence

  1. The defence is classified by SFE board, taking into account the classification proposal of the supervisor’s evaluation and reviewer’s report.
  2. Copy of the FT returns back to the student, the original stays at FIT (it is archived for 10 years).

Failed defence

In the case a student fails to defend his/her FT, the dean decides whether the student should write a new FT:

  1. with the same FTA and the same supervisor, or
  2. with the same FTA and a different supervisor, or
  3. with a different FTA and the same supervisor, or
  4. with a different FTA and a different supervisor.