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Computer Security

topics are valid since SFE in June 2024

NIE-PB-1Simple power analysis (SPA) on the RSA and AES cipher implementations, influence of the cipher algorithm. Comparison of the Square-and-Multiply and Montgomery ladder algorithms for exponentiation in RSA.NIE-HWB
NIE-PB-2Differential power analysis (DPA), countermeasures. Impact of operations, data, and noise of the implemented cipher on measured power signal.NIE-HWB
NIE-PB-3Design of physically uncloneable functions (PUF) and true random number generators (TRNG) resistant against attacks.NIE-HWB
NIE-PB-4Linear cryptanalysis, linear approximation of S-boxes, linear approximation function, key bit extraction.NIE-KRY
NIE-PB-5Differential cryptanalysis, S-box analysis, differential approximation function, key bit extraction. Algebraic cryptanalysis - basic principles.NIE-KRY
NIE-PB-6Types of side channels, timing attacks. Meet-in-the-middle attacks. Attacks on message formatting and padding.NIE-KRY
NIE-PB-7Quantum cryptography. Eavesdropping detection in the BB84 protocol.NIE-KRY
NIE-PB-8Discrete logarithm - Diffie-Hellman and ElGamal protocol, Babystep-giantstep and Pohling-Hellman algorithms, Pollard’s rho method, Index calculusNIE-MKY
NIE-PB-9Elliptic curves - elliptic curves over real numbers and Galois fields, projective plane, principle of MOV algorithm.NIE-MKY
NIE-PB-10Cryptographic protocols: identification and authentication protocols, secret sharing, key establishment protocols.NIE-AIB
NIE-PB-11Malware analysis – data types for static and dynamic analysis, machine learning based detection methods.NIE-AIB
NIE-PB-12Reverse engineering analysis of object-oriented programs. Structures and classes, inheritance, polymorphism, runtime type information.NIE-REV
NIE-PB-13Code flow analysis. Prologue, epilogue, and function body. Program entry point.NIE-REV
NIE-PB-14Disassembling: linear sweep and recursive traversal. Obfuscation techniques.NIE-REV
NIE-PB-15Debuggers and debugging. Breakpoints. Defense against debugging.NIE-REV
NIE-PB-16Security weaknesses of computer networks and communication protocols, securing protocols and computer networksNIE-SIB
NIE-PB-17Encrypted network protocols and attacks against them, identity certificates.NIE-SIB
NIE-PB-18Detection of network attacks and anomalies, intrusion prevention, statistical aspects of intrusion detection.NIE-SIB
NIE-PB-19Methods of active defense in computer networks and systems, incident response and security testing using simulated attacks.NIE-SIB
NIE-PB-20Basic methods of forensic analysis, forensic images, data carving. Forensic artifacts in operating systems (MS Windows, Linux).NIE-SBF
NIE-PB-21Authentication and authentication protocols. Multifactor authentication. Kerberos protocol.NIE-SBF

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