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Computer Networks and Internet

topics are valid since SFE in June 2024

BIE-PS.21-1User identity in unix-like operating systems: identity, administrator privileges, sudo, su, PAM modules, roles, privileges, user identity and access rights, ACL, suid programs.BIE-ADU.21
BIE-PS.21-2Disk and file system management (devices, file systems UFS (EXT) and ZFS, RAID, disk quotas), network file systems (NFS, CIFS), swap in unix-like operating systems.BIE-ADU.21
BIE-PS.21-3Processes and system services in unix-like operating systems: hierarchy and relations among them, limits, system startup and shutdown, logging of system activities.BIE-ADU.21
BIE-PS.21-4Computer instruction cycle and instruction pipelining. Microarchitecture of a scalar processor with instruction pipelining, data and control hazards in instruction pipelining and methods to handle them.BIE-APS.21
BIE-PS.21-5Memory hierarchy with cache memory, locality principles, cache memory principles. Architecture of direct-mapped, set associative, and fully associative cache memory.BIE-APS.21
BIE-PS.21-6HW support of virtualization of main memory by paging, Memory Management Unit (MMU) and virtual-to-physical address translation using Translation Lookaside Buffer (TLB), page fault exception handling.BIE-APS.21
BIE-PS.21-7Principles of protocols for memory coherence of data cache memories of a multi-core or multi-processor system with a shared memory bus. Instructions for synchronization of shared memory accesses.BIE-APS.21
BIE-PS.21-8Superscalar processor microarchitecture, instruction-level parallelism, out-of-order execution, register renaming (Tomasulo’s algorithm), static and dynamic branch prediction, speculative instruction processing.BIE-APS.21
BIE-PS.21-9Wireless networks used in IoT, signal propagation through free space, access methods for sharing media, technologies (Bluetooth, Zigbee, RFID, LORA), adhoc wireless networks and their routing algorithms. Protocol 6LoWPAN..BIE-IOT.21
BIE-PS.21-10Security of computer networks, firewalls, intrusion detection systems and intrusion prevention systems. Virtual Private Networks (VPN), tunnels, tunneling. The principle of encapsulation of data sent through VPNs. Protocol IPSec and its modes.BIE-PSI.21
BIE-PS.21-11Network protocols, their specification and design using communicating finite automata (CFA) and extended CFA, their design and specification in SDL (blocks, processes, channels, signals, procedures).BIE-SIP.21
BIE-PS.21-12BSD sockets as an application programming interface: basic functions, implementation of reliable communication (TCP) and unreliable communication (UDP), parallel communication of multiple clients with a server.BIE-SIP.21
BIE-PS.21-13BSD sockets as application programming interface: secure communication (TLS, DTLS), group communication (broadcast and multicast).BIE-SIP.21
BIE-PS.21-14Use of X.509 certificates in computer networks (HTTPS and S/MIME), protocol TLSv1.3.BIE-SPS.21
BIE-PS.21-15Principles of protocols HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2, HTTP/3 and QUIC.BIE-SPS.21
BIE-PS.21-16Electronic mail, email protocols: SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 and the MIME format.BIE-SPS.21
BIE-PS.21-17Optical networks and their components. Types of optical fibers, their properties. Amplification and regeneration of optical signals.BIE-TPS.21
BIE-PS.21-18Signal modulation and coding. Examples of coding. Basic types of digital modulation (ASK, FSK, PSK). Modulation of several bits per symbol - Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) and Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM).BIE-TPS.21
BIE-PS.21-19WiFi networks (bands, bandwidths, channels).BIE-TPS.21
BIE-PS.21-20Virtual machine principles. Types and properties of virtualization monitors. Virtualization of CPU, memory, and I/O in virtual machines. HW support for virtualization.BIE-VDC.21
BIE-PS.21-21High availability and scaling of computer systems: servers, storage, clusters. Architectures of scalable and highly available systems. High availability metrics (RPO, RTO).BIE-VDC.21
BIE-PS.21-22Advanced virtualization methods: virtual machine snapshot, virtual machine migration, virtualization of instruction sets, virtualization of operating system services.BIE-VDC.21
BIE-PS.21-23Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). Internal and external routing using BGP. Link between inter-autonomous and intra-autonomous systems using BGP.BIE-VPS.21
BIE-PS.21-24Multicast in computer networks. Source Specific Multicast (SSM). Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP). Flood-and-prune multicast protocols. Protocol independent multicast (PIM). PIM sparse mode (PIM-SM).BIE-VPS.21
BIE-PS.21-25Quality of Service (QoS) in computer networking, data flow control methods: scheduling, traffic shaping, admission control, resource reservation. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).BIE-VPS.21

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