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The courses Bachelor Project (BIE-BPR) and Master Project (MIE-MPR/NIE-MPR) serve to establish cooperation with the student and his/her potential supervisor.

  1. A student reserves a topic of a final thesis at the beginning of the semester and contacts the supervisor. They discuss individual tasks the student must complete during the semester. If he/she fulfills these tasks, the supervisor grants him/her a credit from the course BIE-BPR or MIE-MPR/NIE-MPR at the end of the semester.
  2. The external supervisor enters the information on awarding the assessment using the Form (in section Download) to award an assessment by an external FT supervisor (for BIE-BPR or MIE-MPR/NIE-MPR course). The student, then, hands over the completed and signed form to the Officer for SFE and she awards the assessment.
  3. If the topic of the student’s final thesis is formulated in a rather general way, the primary tasks assigned by the supervisor should be directed to fine-tune (and narrow down) the topic, so that the final thesis assignment can be completed and approved by the end of the semester.

The student must consult the specification of the requirements for the BIE-BPR or MIE-MPR/NIE-MPR course with the supervisor at the beginning of the semester. Both activity and responsibility reside with the student, not with the supervisor. Concerning the conditions for the course: to book the thesis topic in the system is not enough to fulfill the requirements of the course.

It may happen that at the end of the semester, a student chooses not to work on the final thesis topic and, instead, chooses another one. Likewise, a supervisor can end the collaboration with a student. Even in this case, points still can be awarded.