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The aim of the course Documentation, Presentation, Rhetoric (BIE-DPR) is to prepare a student for writing and defence of the bachelor thesis. Students learn how to create a text of technical reports in the LaTeX system, process an electronic presentation through the LaTeX Beamer system and practically try to perform and present to classmates and teachers.

  • The course BI-DPR is closely linked to the bachelor’s thesis.
  • The course of the Bachelor’s Thesis is the condition of enrolment.
  • The course ends with a classified credit.
  • The condition of awarding a classified credit is the creation of a position report of the bachelor’s thesis, the successful passing of credit tests and the creation and presentation of an interactive electronic presentation of the bachelor thesis.
  • An integral part of the credit is also the evaluation of the supervisor of the bachelor thesis for the student’s access to the bachelor thesis.